Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Zomi Kids - Pension ta ding (ka dawn nawn kei ding)

A Paak tat huai mahmah
Best of Zomi MTV 2008

Zomi nungak te tua ci thei maw

Nung lam deuh aa ka thu zaak

Florida State hiam khat ah, eimi innkuan khat pan, a tanu uh pen a neu lai pek in US a tun pih uh hi in, kum 18 a cing khit deuh hih tuak. Ni khat a ta nu, a lawm ki kholh pih pasal (boyfriend?) tawh inn ciah hong ton khawm uh. Kua mah awl mawh lo in a nih un, lupna khan ah lut suak ci. A Nu lung hi mawh in, kong khak a va kieuh leh a ta nu in, kong hon lo in, hong nawng kaai sak ken ci ziau dan hih tuak.
A Nu zong heh lua in "911" Palik sam pah. Palik te minit 3 khit teh hong tung pah in, a tanu te a nu in sam khia sak. Palik ten a ta nu State ID et sak in, a nu kiang, kum 18 cing khin hi, "it's alright, i've nothing to do with this." ci in, ki leh kik san ziau hi.
Kua mah kiang bel gen khia nuam kei un cin, ai hang a Nu bel a cih na ding thei nawn lo in, lung kham ngel dan hi.

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Zomi Kids

Sunday, November 9, 2008

A Chin Refugee Suicide

Chin Refugee Committed Suicide Due To Depression In Malaysia
A Chin refugee, Mr. Van Peng Lian, last Monday hung himself using an electric wire due to depression, reportedly resulting from facing difficulties in getting registered as a recognised refugee from Burma after going through a series of detentions and deportation in Malaysia and Thailand.
The 23-year-old was arrested last May in their rented house with 15 other Chins in a night raid by Malaysian RELA after coming to Malaysia as an unrecognised refugee since February 2008. Mr. Lian, along with other Chins, was deported to the Thai-Malaysian border after being detained at different locations including 5 days at KLIA Immigration camp, 3 months at Kajang Jail and 3 weeks at Semanyih Immigration Camp.
A Physics graduate from Kalay College, together with other Chin refugees, managed to get back to Malaysia after spending 3 nights reportedly under the agents' control on the Thai-Malaysian border. He was said to have given once an anti-depression counselling at ACTS clinic in Malaysia.
He took his own life about a month after he got back to Malaysia from Thailand.
Van Peng Lian of Cin village, Hakha township, said he got deeply devastated and feeling despondent as he could not get registered with UNHCR even though he was a refugee from Burma, according to his friends. UNHCR did not make any visits to him during his four-month detention at Kajang Jail, sources claimed.
He is survived by his only sister Esther in Malaysia who is said to be 'lonely and grief-stricken'.
In Malaysia, there have been four suicides committed by the Chin refugees only in 2008 due to depression after the UNHCR closed its refugee registration.